Gondola and Dropbox Permission

A recent review on the Apps Store raised concern on why Gondola requires Full Permission on Dropbox. First, Gondola is a stand alone third party app developed to help iOS users manage photo assets on their devices and their Dropbox accounts. All Dropbox file requests are handled solely between the app and the user's Dropbox accounts through the use of official APIs provided by the Dropbox. Other than some usage analytic data, gathered through the use of Google Analytics, for statistics purposes, no communication ever goes through us.

Now on the issue of file permission, unfortunately Dropbox does not afford fine grained control for third party apps. Either the app has access only to a folder and its contents created specifically for the app, or it has access to all files of certain types in a user's entire Dropbox account, or it has complete access to everything. In order for third party apps to access the Camera Uploads folder in a user's Dropbox account, full access to all graphic type files or full access to everything is required. When Gondola was first submitted to Dropbox for approval, full access to everything was the only option available. Full access to files of certain types was not yet implemented at that time. And file permission status cannot be changed once an app enters production. So long story short, Gondola is grandfathered into full access permission just to access the Camera Uploads folder and nothing more. And all communications happen solely between the app and the Dropbox servers. We see nothing.

Showcase your photo sequence.

With the cameras on the iPhone getting faster and faster, you probably find yourself snapping more photos in quick succession than ever before. Manually flipping through them one by one is just boring. To showcase them the way they are captured, Gondola has added a new slideshow option called Stop Motion. With it, selected photos will pop up on screen at 10 frames per second turning them into an action sequence. Viewing your photos collection on Dropbox will never be the same again.

Back to coding

After a long three-month break after the last update, which brought Gondola to the iPad, we are finally back to coding again. First up on the agenda is to bring feature parity between the iPhone and the iPad versions. Then we will polish the user experience especially when dealing with large photo sets. And of course the ever pesky bugs. Stay tuned for the release. 

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