Gondola for Dropbox

  • Organize your photo albums on Dropbox

  • Access to Camera Uploads

  • Large thumbnails with minimum text

  • Sharing with friends

  • Batch operations and queue management

  • Photo slideshow



Main Features

  • Now supports both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Supports JPEG and PNG images.
  • Organize albums in a folder named Gondola on Dropbox.
  • Provide access to Dropbox Camera Uploads folder.
  • Name your own album or let Gondola manages it.
  • Browse through albums with large thumbnails.
  • Metadata are preserved for uploaded photos.
  • Upload multiple photos at once with a choice of image quality and whether to preserve location data.
  • Download, delete or move multiple photos at once.
  • Uploads and downloads are batched for background operation. The operation queue can be paused, resumed and reset. Individual item can be removed and then be restored at the end of the queue.
  • Slideshow mode cycles through all photos in an album or only those selected, as well as detect and display new updates. Works with AirPlay mirroring on supported devices. The device will not go to sleep during a slideshow. 
  • Share multiple album and photo links on Messages, Facebook, Twitter, email and by copying its link.
  • Share photo on Facebook, Twitter, email and by copying its link. 
  • Send photo to 3rd party apps for edits.


  • When inside an album, rotate the device to the landscape orientation will start a slideshow. (iPhone and iPod Touch only)
  • Tap to exit slideshow.
  • Tap and hold an album, a thumbnail or a full screen photo to share with friends.
  • Shake to select all or deselect all thumbnails. (iPhone and iPd Touch only)
  • Shake to restore the last removed queue item to the end of the queue.
  • And obviously, double tap to zoom.


  • Upload quality by adjusting image fidelity while preserving resolution.
  • Whether to preserve location data.
  • Slide duration.
  • Whether to repeat slideshow.
  • Whether to shuffle slideshow.
  • Whether to use original photo or just a smaller version for slideshow.
  • Whether to detect new updates.
  • Clear local cache to reclaim storage space.

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